New Jersey State Troopers

Non-Commissioned Officers Association



Welcome to the New Jersey State Troopers Non-Commissioned Officers Association Website. The NCO Association was founded in 1973 and incorporated in 1976. In 1992, we established a union office and residence in Bordentown, New Jersey.

The present NCO Executive Board is comprised of eight elected members with many years of service in the New Jersey State Police, as well as extensive union and collective bargaining experience. In fact, many of our current board members have come up through the ranks, in some sort of capacity, with the State Troopers Fraternal Association (STFA). As of this date, our membership consists of approximately 900 sergeants, detective sergeants, staff sergeants, sergeants first class, and detective sergeants first class.

As per our by laws, the STNCOA Executive Board is mandated to protect the rights of its members and negotiate for the best working conditions, benefits, and advancement of its membership. Equally important is the commitment of the NCO Association to serve the public. We are especially proud of our many contributions and service to the citizens of New Jersey.

Thank you for your interest in the STNCOA website. We hope it has provided you with some insight and general information about our organization.

Pete J. Stilianessis